Sulivan is Flying High!

We’ve been very busy so if we missed something on this page please fill us in!

Here is a selection of articles covering the issues and campaign

2nd June Guardian – Sulivan Primary closure plans to be reviewed

2nd June Get West London – Sulivan Primary school closure put on hold

2nd June Mirror – Thriving primary saved from being evicted in order to make way for controversial ‘free school’

18 May Guardian – Why is Sulivan Primary being closed?

3rd Feb Left Foot Forward – Sulivan Primary – Hammersmith and Fulham Council Leader responds

31 Jan Guy Debord’s Cat – Nightmare on King Street

31 Jan Get West London – Parents and Pupils take fight to Number 10

29 Jan Get West London – Lifeline for Sulivan as council committee reviews axe decision

27 Jan Left Foot Forward – The Scandal of Sulivan Primary – The Plot Thickens

26 Jan BBC London News – Watch from 1:35 onward.

26 Jan Educating Brentwood – Sham consultations

24 Jan Get West London – Questions Raised over Tory councillor’s ‘pal’ link in school closure

 13 December Guardian – Free Schools Why the Fight Goes On

13 Dec Get West London – Mayor gives gold club award to school after backing plans to bulldoze it

12 Dec Get West London – Threatened primary accuses free school of muddling consultation

4th Dec Get West London – Yachtswoman Tracy Edwards supports doomed Fulham primary school

4th Dec – Commons – Nick Raynsford question to Nick Clegg

7th of November – Sulivan Primary question to Boris Johnson

1st October – Liberal Democrats HF – Blast ‘sham’ consultation

29 September – Emily Richardson – Nothing to do with me

09 September – Guardian Education in Brief – third segment of the article is on Sulivan campaign to prevent school demolition

08 September – Times Sunday – photo of article behind paywall

02 September – Wembley Matters – Save Our Sulivan school is a child-centred campaign that deserves our whole hearted support

22 August – London Pre Prep – A lovely and successful community primary in Fulham is facing closure – help save Sulivan Primary School

07 August – Fulham Chronicle – Parents and Teachers fight to save Fulham Primary School

07 August – Mirror – Primary school children face eviction so Tories can build a free school in place of successful Sulivan School

22 July – Fulham Chronicle – Teacher’s Union criticizes ‘forced merger’ of Fulham Primary schools