David Laws letter to Sulivan about Pupil Premium Success

Please read this letter from David Laws, the British Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Yeovil, and the Minister of State for Schools and the Cabinet Office.

If you were not aware, Pupil Premium funding is a Liberal Democrat initiative designed to provide extra funding for children on free school meals in order to bridge the gap between those who are more and less socioeconomically advantaged.

Sulivan is incredibly successful at this effort - and our successes outstrip those of the Local Authority with 100% of eligible children exceeding expectations.

About the Author:

We are parents, teachers, staff and community members outraged at the proposed closure of our lovely comprehensive primary school. Rated Good with Outstanding Features, this school is set to be closed by the Council so that they can give the property to the Fulham Boys Free School. Please support us by sending messages and on twitter at @saveoursulivan.


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