Gove letter to Andy Slaughter MP

How confusing.

A truly strange letter from Michael Gove implies on the one hand ‘it’s a done deal’ and on the other ‘we haven’t decided yet’.   Note how it discusses how the Sulivan site will be improved – for Fulham Boys School….and then discusses officers have not yet decided on the academy proposal (which would save the school).  He’s not a stickler for big picture confusion or fine detail – spelling the school name incorrectly five times.

Not quite as bad as Cllr Cooney calling us Langford, but still.

About the Author:

We are parents, teachers, staff and community members outraged at the proposed closure of our lovely comprehensive primary school. Rated Good with Outstanding Features, this school is set to be closed by the Council so that they can give the property to the Fulham Boys Free School. Please support us by sending messages and on twitter at @saveoursulivan.

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